The following resources and links are provided for anyone interested in learning more about ponds, water gardening and pond fish.

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Koi Club Associations
Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA)
Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association (PNKCA)
Southwest Koi and Pond Association (SKAPA)
ZNA Japan

Pond Biz Magazine
Koi Begineer

Blogs and Forums Blog

Koi & Goldfish Information
Oregon Aquatics Fish Care
Koi Identification [PDF]
Broad Tail Moor [PDF]
Celestial Gold Fish [PDF]
Ranchu [PDF]

Pond Information
Spring is coming… Look out for the green [PDF]
Pond Filtration [PDF]
Propagation of Hardy Water Lilies [PDF]
Want to fight back against mosquitoes? [PDF]

Local and Online Retailers
Children of the Sun Koi
The Water Garden
Honeycomb Koi
Boise River Koi

Platt Gardens [PDF]