Annual Events

What makes IWGKS such a great organisation is the community of pond enthusiasts we bring together. We hold monthly meetings through most of the year, and host a number of larger events that benefit the Treasure Valley as a whole.

Watch for these events and join us!

Pond Tour

Every July a handful of club members opens their yards and pond for to public. If you are thinking about building a pond, this is a great time to ask questions and see what other people have done.  Please note that this year’s tour has been canceled.  There will be a tour in June of 2016, in conjunction with the PNKCA convention.  Going forward, we may hold the tour in September, as many of us plan vacations in the summer.

Boise Depot Pond Maintenance and Clean Out

As a service to the Treasure Valley, IWGKS members spend a day cleaning and maintaining the Boise Depot ponds. We remove trash, divide plants, and check fish populations as a part of this fun event.

Koi Show

IWGKS holds our annual Koi show every September. This is a great opportunity to view and learn about the different varieties of koi. There are also vendors and shows performed by various local groups.

To see our upcoming events, please take a look at our calendar.